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John Gilroy and Jeff Napoli combine for over fifteen years legal services

With so many law firms to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices to find the law firm that suits you and your legal needs the best. So take advantage of our online law firm, and you may find it little easier to make your decision. We provide you with an unbiased, comprehensive look at a large number of the law firms in the U.S.

John Gilroy and Jeff Napoli established Gilroy & Napoli in 2003 after working together for over four years in the Washington County District Attorney’s office as Deputy D.A.’s. Since then, John and Jeff have represented hundreds of clients in legal matters ranging from drunk driving defense and duii cases and personal injury and accident claims to measure 11 criminal defense cases and employment discrimination matters, including sexual harassment claims. In each instance, John and Jeff apply their combined experience within the judicial system to try to bring about the most positive outcome for their clients. See at injury attorneys, personal injury lawyer, lawyers.

You’ve determined your legal needs, you can then take a look at the law firms in your state and use this law firm.

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